Written by Suzy Winter
Director: Greg A. Joelson
Music Director: Randi Grundahl Rexroth

When Bad Shows Happen to Good Music

This lively trip down Amnesia Lane celebrates the best parts of Broadway's most notorious failures with a toasting/roasting of ill-fated musicals. The production follows the journey of a fictional shoestring theatre company as they try to choose their next musical from a list of small-budget options.

From heartfelt to hilarious, this new original revue features five singers sharing the forgotten songs of Broadway's underdogs—shows that were critical, artistic, or financial disasters (and sometimes all three!)—including  Anna Karenina, Baby, Drat! The Cat!, The First, Triumph of Love, the infamous Carrie (based on the book and film by Stephen King), and many more!

Featuring Windy Bowlsby, Elizabeth Chaigne, Greg Dahlager, Kinaundrae Lee, Paul Whittemore, and Suzanna Winter. Performances were at Intermedia Arts as part of the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

"Lost Broadway songs find new life in a delightful revue ... Flops! is anything but. Blue Umbrella Productions' revue of songs from Broadway failures is a thoroughly delightful confection ... The company creates a dramatic context for the songs that leads to an emotionally satisfying resolution ... cleverly staged by Greg A. Joelson ... music director Randi Grundahl Rexroth elicits polished performances from the strong ensemble." —Star Tribune

"Those terrific Blue Umbrella singers remind us that just because a show isn't very good, it still can have some great tunes." —Lavender Magazine